28 July 2006

2006 Journalism Awards


IAPA announces winners of 2006 journalism awards


MIAMI, Florida (July 28, 2006)—The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) today announced that it is awarding its Grand Prize for Press Freedom for 2006 to a disappeared Mexican journalist, Alfredo Jiménez Mota from the Hermosillo daily newspaper El Imparcial. The award will be presented to his family members in October.


As a consequence of publication in April 2005 of the series “Mafia in Sonora State,” in which he exposed links between drug traffickers and local police, Jiménez Mota was kidnapped and his whereabouts remain unknown since then. The series was not only a testimony to major, high-quality reporting but also reflects the social commitment and personal courage of its author, the IAPA said.


More than 100 publications throughout Mexico and the Southwest United States simultaneously published a report on Jiménez Mota’s disappearance.


“The drug traffickers have been the leading factor in the murder of journalists in the recent history of Mexico,” declared Gustavo Mohme of the Lima, Peru, newspaper La República,” co-chairman of the IAPA’s Awards Committee. “By giving the award for Jiménez Mota’s work as a journalist and his moral values we are defending freedom of the press and honoring his courage.”


The Awards Committee also selected winners in another nine categories. The awards are to be presented during the IAPA’s 62nd General Assembly, to be held in Mexico City September 29 to October 2. They consist of a cash prize of $2,000 and plaques and diplomas.


“We are delighted – we received hundreds of entries of the highest quality,” said Awards Committee Co-Chairman José Santiago Healy, of the Diario San Diego newspaper, San Diego, California. “Every year the IAPA awards gain in prestige and reflect the important role played by the press in the Americas.”


Following are the categories and the names of the winners:


IAPA Grand Prize for Press Freedom to Alfredo Jiménez Mota, disappeared journalist from the Mexican daily newspaper El Imparcial of Hermosillo.


1.             IAPA Inter-American Relations-Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Award,

         sponsored by La Prensa, Managua, Nicaragua:

         To Roberto López, Ranio Molina and Rafael Pérez for the series “Una

         Frontera sin Control (A Border with No Control), published  in the newspaper La Prensa of Panama, for revealing the differences in border and entry controls between Panama and Costa Rica and the worrisome human, social and legal consequences brought to light by the investigative reporting, with its excellent deployment of narrative resources and photographic testimony.


2.             IAPA Human Rights and Service to the Community Award, sponsored by Panamá-América, Panama; El Comercio, Lima, Peru; Organización Publicitaria, S.A., San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

         To Bruno Menezes, Erika de Castro and Sergio Ramalho for the series “Infancia Manipulada” (Manipulated Childhood), published in O Dia, Brazil, exposing various kinds of abuse and manipulation of poor children in Brazil and sparking an outcry from people wanting to come to their aid.


3.             IAPA Newspaper in Education Award, sponsored by Diario Hoy, Quito, Ecuador, and Novedades de Quintana Roo, Cancún, Mexico:

         To La Prensa, Panama, for its detailed project which includes justification, investigation, market study, marketing and editorial campaign, all with the aim of increasing Sunday circulation.

         Honorable Mention to the newsroom of Expreso of Mexico for the series “Sábado de Niños” (Children’s Saturday), employing a novel strategy to involve youngsters in readership of the newspaper.


4.        IAPA Opinion Award, sponsored by El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile:

         To Alvaro José Aurane of La Gaceta de Tucumán, Argentina, for articles expressing with depth and realism the precarious social situation of Tucumán and its institutions.


5.      IAPA News Coverage Award, sponsored by El Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela, and O Estado de S. Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil:

         To the reporting team of the daily Panorama of Maracaibo, Venezuela, for their comprehensive, continuous and detailed coverage of an aircraft crash in Machiques in which 160 people died, which employed various journalistic tools, such as photography, infographics and features, carried out at both the crash scene and at a number of locations impacted by the accident – all of this in just a short period of time.

          Honorable Mention to Claudio Ribeiro, Dimitri Túlio, Luis Enrique Campos, Flavio Pinto and the news team of O Povo of Brazil for the series “Banco Central: O Assalto de Século” (Central Bank: The Raid of the Century), for the quality, follow-up and depth of coverage and use of graphics.


6.    IAPA In-Depth Reporting Award, sponsored by The Miami Herald, Miami, Florida

         To Nelly Luna Amancio for the series “Contaminación Ambiental en Lima Metropolitana Aire-Agua-Ruido” (Environmental Pollution in Metropolitan Lima: Air-Water-Noise), published in El Comercio, Lima, Peru, for handling comprehensively and with investigative intensity a problem of great social sensitivity and impact on the community, using a variety of news sources and graphics resources.

         Honorable Mention to Jorge Morales and Francisco Reza of El Imparcial, Hermosillo, Mexico, for the series of articles “Prestagate,” showing great perseverance and tenacity in the quest for the truth.


7.    IAPA Features Award, sponsored by El Comercio, Quito, Ecuador, and McClatchy Newspapers, Sacramento, California:

         To John Jairo Saldarriaga Londoño for the series “Aurora levantó los hijos con basura” (Aurora raised the children with garbage), published by El Colombiano, Colombia.


8.    IAPA Photography Award, sponsored by The Washington Post Company, Washington, DC, and ABC Color, Asunción, Paraguay:

         To Maurice Cohn Band for the series “Explosive Legacy: Land Mines in Latin America,” published in The Miami Herald, Miami, Florida, for capturing images that reflect a comprehensive though rarely seen view of the consequences of war in the Americas.


9.    IAPA Cartoon Award, sponsored by El Tiempo, Bogotá, Colombia:

         To Cristian Dzwonik (“Nik”) for cartoons published in La Nación of Argentina dealing with politically incisive topics in an original way and with excellent use of color.


10.IAPA Infographics Award, sponsored by Clarín, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

         To Ricardo León Ramírez Pérez and Juan Esteban Ugarriza Uribe for the series “El Final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial” (The End of World War II), published in El Colombiano, Colombia, for its comprehensive, informative and innovative nature.


11.IAPA Online News Coverage Award, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, New York:

         To Tom Knudson and Héctor Amezcua for the series “The Pineros: Men of Pines,” published in The Sacramento Bee, California, an investigation that disclosed mistreatment of Latin workers toiling in privately-owned and federal forests in the United States.


The Awards Committee members are:


Honorary Chairman Robert J. Cox, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina; Co-Chairmen Gustavo Mohme, La República, Lima, Peru, and José Santiago Healy, Diario San Diego, San Diego, California; Vice Chairmen Jaime Câmara Jr., Jornal de Tocantins, Goiânia, Brazil, and Silvia Miró Quesada, El Comercio, Lima, Peru; Members Cristina Aby-Azar, The Wall Street Journal, New York; Ulilo Acevedo Silva, Hoy Diario de Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia; Bruce Brugmann, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco, California; Wilfredo Cancio, El Nuevo Herald, Miami, Florida; Milton Coleman, The Washington Post, Washington, DC; Francisco N. Fascetto, El Día, La Plata, Argentina; Gerardo García Gamboa, Novedades de Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico; Gabriel Ibarra, Ocho Columnas, Guadalajara, Mexico; André Jungblut, Gazeta do Sul, Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil; Francisco Montes, Diario de Cuyo, San Juan, Argentina; Ricardo Roa, Clarín, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Jorge Andrés Saieh, La Tercera, Santiago, Chile; Carlos Salinas, El Diario de Coahuila, Saltillo, Mexico; Juan Luis Sommers, Revista COSAS, Santiago, Chile; Gilberto Urdaneta, El Regional de Zulia, Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela; Gabriela Vivanco, Diario La Hora, Quito, Ecuador.