03 February 2008

Latin American press organizations join forces through new website


Latin American press organizations join forces through new website


National press associations and journalists’ organizations in South America have launched a new website under the auspices of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), as part of an effort to coordinate more effectively and engage more proactively with one another.


The new website provides a forum for these organizations to join forces and forge a united front in their struggle to defend and advocate for freedom of the press and freedom of speech in the Americas.


The organizations participating in this important initiative — and already beginning to share information with one another — are Brazil’s National Association of Magazine Publishers (ANER); the National Association of Newspapers (ANJ), also from Brazil; the Ecuadorian Association of Newspaper Editors (AEDEP); the National Association of Journalists (ANP) of Bolivia; the National Press Association (ANP) of Chile; Colombia’s National Association of Newspapers (ANDIARIOS); the Argentine Journalists Forum (FOPEA); the Venezuelan Press Bloc; and the Peruvian Press Council.


The new website provides an opportunity to share courses, materials, announcements, and initiatives, as a way of keeping journalists from different countries informed and helping them participate in each other’s activities. It will also help facilitate and integrate each organization’s efforts on behalf of free speech and freedom of the press in the Western Hemisphere.


The organizations participating in this initiative meet twice each year to discuss their next steps in this process of integrating and coordinating efforts. They will next meet during the IAPA’s Midyear Meeting, to be held March 29–31 in Caracas, Venezuela.