There is a general perception that the new government, which took office at the end of January, will make fewer efforts to control the press, including media outlets and journalists. However, threats and legal matters still restrict journalists in their work. The deputy of the left-wing party Democratic Unification, Cesar Ham, proposed to the National Congress that it regulate press freedom and control journalists and media outlets. The deputy's proposal is based on a recent case in which the media published news that the U.S. Embassy had suspended the visas of three well-known business executives. There are also threats from the government side, such as one by the former head of the government accounting office, Vera Rubí, against journalist Sandra Maribel Sánchez after she publicized a recording of a telephone conversation between Rubí and former Supreme Court Justice, Oscar Armando Avila, who died in an airplane accident. In the conversation they discussed legal matters in an unprofessional way.