HAITI The arrival of a new government on Feb. 17 has eased pressures on the press. But conditions for journalists are far from perfect, especially considering that another journalist has been killed. Political pressure on journalists and commentators continue and many censor themselves to avoid repression by the government and politicians. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the new president, has said that he respects freedom of expression, but commentators and analysts accuse his followers in the Lavalas group of threats and pressure to head off criticism of their actions and those of the new government. Also, serious limitations continue on access to government sources. Sports broadcaster Gerard Denoze was killed Dec. 15 when he arrived at home after his daily program on Radio Plus. His relatives and coworkers said Denoze had received telephoned death threats. In April of last year, Jean Leopold Dominique, director of Radio Haiti Inter, was killed and the crime still has not been solved. The investigation is plagued with irregularities.