HAITI In this period, there were certain developments that affected freedom of the press. In March, National Police officers assaulted and destroyed all the material in the Voice of Milo Peasants, a community radio station in the north of the country. In April, congressional security authorities physically assaulted three journalists, all from private Port-au-Prince radio stations, who had come to the Congress to report on the confirmation of the primeminister -deSignate. Various Port-au-Prince news organizations reported a murder attempt on Tony Verniau, Radio Haiti Inter's correspondent in Port of Nix in northeastern Haiti. According to the reports, armed civilians, who presumably worked for one-time Duvalierists, entered Verniau's home and beat up his mother and brother. The assailants let it be understood that thus they were sending a "message" that Verniau should drop his investigation into the massacre of dozens of peasants in the region on July 27, 1987.