HONDURAS Threats to press criminal charges against usurpers who dare to work as journalists without being licensed by the Journalists Colegio has raised a serious threat to freedom of expression in Honduras. April 22, Santos Hermán Caleas Conzález, accused of working illegally as a journalist, charged that the Colegio controlled by the government and that its president, René Zepeda, who does not have a university degree and who works for station HRN, receives a government salary. He also charged that other journalists, among them Antonio Masariego and José Ochoa Martínez of Radio Tegucigalpa, face problems and harassment by the Colegio. At its general assembly on May 25, the Colegio decided to file criminal charges against what it called "usurpers' - those who work as journalists without being enrolled in the Colegio or being licensed as student interns. In an amendment to Article 45 of its bylaws, the Colegio resolved that "journalistic imposters will be the subject to a criminal charge or accusation with a view to their being punished under the Penal Code.'