URUGUAY The media in Uruguay continue to operate without restrictions in distributing news and comment. The daily newspaper El Día, an IAPA member which ceased publication January 31, 1991, has reopened. There have been some charges of discrimination in the placement of official advertising. However, an investigation has shown that some of the charges are not based in fact. After the IAPA raised the question, the Uruguayan executive branch expressed concern about the issue and has taken measures to correct sorne inequities that existed. Some official agencies, most of them autonomous, do purchase advertising in a way that favors some media and harms others. The same thing happens with advertising purchased by city hall in Montevideo, which is run by a different party than that of the national govemment. The Uruguayan Parliament is considering a bill to establish tax exemptions for inland newspapers, which have complained of difficulties as a result of reduced markets. There is still high import duty on certain types of newsprint. A law is on the books that grants the right of reply in cases of uncorrect or offensiven reports. There is no licensing of journalists.