PARAGUAY The electoral law passed by Congress and enacted in March contains a clause earlier strongly criticized by the press. The clause, article 323, says textually: "To contribute to democratization in this country and the civic education of the Paraguayan people, the broadcast media will designate 3 per cent of their space per day without charge to air the political programs of parties, alliances and independent candidates taking part in elections for 10 days immediately prior to the end of the electoral campaign. Newspapers will deSignate one page per edition for the same purpose and during the same period. It distribution of space will be made by the Electoral Court equitably among the parties, alliances and political candidates." This is seen as harmful to press freedom and unnecessary as the Paraguayan press reports freely on political campaigns without being obliged to grant free access to candidates. The Congress is studying two telecommunications bills, one introduced by the Public Works and Communication Ministry and the other by the government representative Julio Cesar Vasconsellos. The bills have provoked considerable debate. Indeed, The House committee studying the bills set up a series of round-tables in which editors, journalists and communications experts participated. The fear is that the bills will lead to a general press law that would seek to restrict press freedom. The Journalists Union of Paraguay made this proposal on the bill: "The freedom of work to carry out the profession of journalist, announcer, operator, anchorperson, newscaster or commentator on radio and television programs, whether Paraguayan citizens or permanent residents, should be absolutely guaranteed. To this end, the interested party should ask for his or her credentials from the Council (of Radiobroadcasting, to be created) on the basis of a professional carnet given out by his/her respective union or a legally recognized degree establishing the person's qualifications." This proposal is seen as opening the door to the possibility of obligatory licensing of journalists.