Puerto Rico


Reunión de Medio Año

Puebla, México

8 al 11 de marzo del 2013

In this period a climate of respect for press freedom has prevailed. There were some cases of verbal attacks by political leaders on media and journalists that were denounced by El Nuevo Día at an editorial level and by press organizations. These cases occurred in the final stage of the campaign that wound up with the November 6 elections. There was no consequence at all. In January, leaders of several press organizations, among them the Association of Journalists of Puerto Rico (ASPRO), the Overseas Press Club of Puerto Rico (OPCPR) and the Association of News Photographers of Puerto Rico (AFPR), called on the new government to respect commitments on transparency and access to public information. They also asked that the Web site of the government house, La Fortaleza, become a source of information for the people through the publication of all the events that occur in the government agencies, such as calls for public hearings, and that it not limit journalists’ access.