Impunity - Colombia

IMPUNITY-COLOMBIA WHEREAS journalists Gerardo Bedoya and Jairo Marquez were murdered on March 21 and November 20,1997, respectively, and there has been no progress in the investigations the Bedoya case was transferred to a Bogota court after the legal team in Cali made prejudicial statements and ignored the importance of the case and the victim in the Bedoya case police investigative procedures have been invalidated by the loss of various leads and because crucial evidence - such as the formal interrogation of Maria Eugenia Arango, the person who last saw him alive - has been set aside or played down in the Marquez case, although the alleged mastermind of the crime, Sen. Carlos Alberto Oviedo, was arrested on April 22, he has not been questioned in connection with the murder THE IAPA GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLVES to call on the Colombian authorities to support the investigations of these crimes and make available any necessary resources to reach a satisfactory conclusion to ask the Supreme Court to assign an investigating magistrate to the case who could revive the investigation without prejudice or preconceptions to ask the attorney general to order new police investigations, taking into consideration all available leads and evidence, and to conduct new interviews and interrogations.