PERU WHEREAS government institutions are increasingly imposing restrictions and obstacles to access to public information military courts have repeatedly sentenced retired military officers to prison and suspended their rights as citizens for having made declarations to the press not to the liking of the armed forces or the preSidency a series of articles in the Penal Code that could seriously infringe press freedom are still on the books THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to ask the public institutions of Peru to remember that information they generate is not their property, but that of society at large, and that, accordingly, they must provide press access to ask the chief judge of the Military Court of Justice to respect the rights of retired military so that they can express themselves freely to call upon the president of the Congress to initiate a debate on, with confidence that the Congress will approve, the bill presented by Congresswoman Maria Ofelia Cerro to revise the articles in the penal code that permit attacks on freedom of the press.