VENEZUELA WHEREAS the Venezuelan press is experiencing difficulties as the result of official denial of authorization to import newsprint and other essential supplies and in the importation of foreign publications in the evaluation and authorization of payment of financial obligations contracted abroad prior to June 27, 1994, the date that exchange controls went into effect, there has been clear discrimination the Venezuelan Press Bloc has petitioned the Supreme Court to repeal the new Press Law THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to lend its broad and in-depth support to the publishers, acting jointly as the Venezuelan Press Bloc, in their demand that the Press Law, which provides for the licensing of journalists, be repealed to call on the government of Venezuela to honor its pledge to resolve the problems hindering the importation of newsprint and other essential media supplies, without which the declaration that there is, and will remaln, complete freedom of the press in Venezuela will be misleading to condemn the discrimination in the evaluation and authorization of the payment of publishers' foreign financial obligatiOns, and to demand immediate fair treatment for all publishers.