CONTEMPT WHEREAS freedom to discuss and criticize is one of the essential elements of freedom of the press discussion and criticism of public officials, since they must be held accountable to the public, are most necessary the criminal offense of "contempt," which gives public officials special protection from criticism, is unacceptable discrimination against the rest of the community and an attack on press freedom a Costa Rican journalist was recently sentenced on contempt charges for criticizing the conduct of three judges sentences of this type are a means to repress press freedom THE 50TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to condemn any legislation designed to limit public discussion and criticism especially to condemn the concept of contempt as discriminatory and a danger to press freedom to express solidarity with those who, in exercising their right to criticism, are sentenced for contempt to call upon the congresses of the countries where contempt is defined as a criminal offense to remove the concept from their legislation.