GUATEMALA WHEREAS • joumalist Jorge Carpio Nicolle, founder, director and owner of the daily El Grafico was killed by gunshots on July 3, 1993 • until the present, although several suspects of the assassination have been arrested, Guatemalan authorities have not identified those responsible for the murder of Carpio Nicolle • the family of Carpio Nicolle, the Guatemalan Chamber of Journalism and other sectors of the country have suggested that the authorities have not made greater efforts to discover those responsible for this murder • many journalists have had to go into exile because of death threats and have been unable to return because of inadequate protection for them THE 49TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • to ask the Guatemalan government to protect the lives of exile journalists who decide to return home • to ask Guatemalan President Ramiro de León Carpio to order Justice Minister Amoldo Ortiz Moscoso and the competent authorities to investigate, arrest, try and condemn those responsible for this condemnable acto