MEXICO WHEREAS • five reporters have been assassinated and neither the cause of their deaths nor the culprits have been determined • the newspaper Vanguardia of Chihuahua has been taken over by editors and workers and has been placed under the protection of the employees without prosecution or trial for those who closed the paper and shut down this source of work. The principles of the right of ownership have been violated and judicial action has been delayed by the Chihuahua state government • the Attorney General has accused several journalists of drug-related crimes without sufficient evidence to bring them to trial THE 49TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • to demand that the Mexican government seek to solve the murders of reporters and determine their causes, since there have been violent incidents with neither the nature of the crimes nor the identity of the assassins discovered • to ask the Chihuahua state government to speed up the unjustifiably delayed judicial action against the legitimate interests of the owners of the daily Vanguardia • to seek the punishment of those responsible for the takeover of the building and the plunder of the newspaper's supplies, which has set a dangerous precedent for the guarantee of freedom of enterprise and property • to ask the Attorney General of the Republic that charges of drug-related crimes not be brought against journalists without having sufficient evidence to show a presumption of guilt.