MEMBERSHIP WHEREAS • the bylaws of the Inter American Press Assodation recognize that owners of member newspapers which have been the victim of closure or confiscation have the right to continue in the Assodation, free from the payrnent of dues or other contributions, as representatives of the publications within the Association while the closure or confiscation remains in effect • among the contributions refered to in Article 3 of the bylaws are the registration fees to participate without charge in Association meetings • the interpretation of the scope of the provisions of Article 3 has been delegated by the Executive Committee to the Legal Affairs Committee so that the latter can submit it to the General Assembly for study and determination in the form of a resolution • the opinion of the Legal Affairs Committee has been taken into account THE 49TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • that the owners of publications which are members of the lAPA and which have been arbitrarily closed or confiscated will continue to enjoy all of their rights and privileges determined in the bylaws and may partidpate in the assemblies and meetings of the IAPA, exonerated from paying dues and contributions • that in the case of controversies about the original ownership of a publication which is a member of the IAPA or who has the right to represent this publication, the matter will be examined by the Credentials Committee, which will consult with the Legal Affairs Committee and will subrnit an opinion to the Executive Committee, so that it may decide the case, without this decision implying adjudication of points or questions of legal order which may be involved in the controversy.