GUATEMALA WHEREAS • Anson Ng Yong, correspondent for The Financial Times of London and the magazine Business International, was murdered in July • a bomb was found and disarmed in the El Centro building, which houses several news agencies • intruders raided the bureau of the Mexican agency Notimex and broke into the apartment of its correspondent, Miguel Angel López • other news agencies, including IPS and Reuters, have been threatened and correspondents such as Gladys Calderón compelled to leave the country for safety reasons • reporters and editors of the national press feel threatened • President Jorge Serrano Elías has called for the full application oí press freedom, an end to acts threatening journalists and a determination to protect the work of newspeople • Mario Paíz, director of the National Police, has announced a plan is being prepared to provide security for international news agencies THE 47th GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • to severely condemn those responsible for murders and threats against the press • to call upon President Serrano and his government to translate their proclamations of support for freedom of the press into concrete actions.