TELECOMUNICATIONS WHEREAS • the IAPA welcomes the new information technologies insofar as they encourage a competitive environment that helps the cause of free speech • the IAPA sees this competitive environment as threatened by telephone companies in the Americas, notably in the United States , Argentina and Mexico, unfairly capitalizing on their monopolistic positions as the sole source of telephone transmission and information services THE 47TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • to strongly oppose the entry of any telephone company into the business of providing information so long as that company retains its monopoly position in telephone transmission • to endorse efforts in the United States to prohibit regional telephone companies with monopolies of local transmission lines from providing information services on their monopoly networks • to ask the Argentine authorities to guarantee unrestricted and equal access for news agencies to telecommunications systems and that no discrimination, tax, or charge be applied for the installation and operations of antennas for satellite reception for journalistic use.