30 October 2012

Rodolfo Fernández

Date of murder: Unclear; disappeared August 5, 1977 How and where murdered: He was abducted by two men in downtown Buenos Aires Possible motives: Was in possession of information that could have been detrimental to member of the Argentine military dictatorship Suspected perpetrators/persons implicated: Task Force 3.3.2 of the Navy Technical Academy (ESMA) Violent consequences: Physical disappearance Irregularities in the proceedings: Family members have not obtained a response to repeated complaints, including to international agencies such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Sources The abduction of a journalist reported, La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, August 7, 1977 Victims of disorder, The Buenos Aires Herald newspaper, August 24, 1977 Never Again, Report of the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (Conadep), Editorial Universitaria de Buenos Aires (Eudeba), Buenos Aires, 1984 Ruling of the Central Court No. 5 sentencing to temporary detention pending extradition of Miguel Angel Cavallo, Central Court No. 5 Summary (ordinary proceedings) 19/1997L – Terrorism and Genocide, decision of Judge Baltasar Garzón Real, Madrid, August 25, 2000 Indictment of Miguel A. Cavallo, idem, September 1, 2000 Indictment of 98 Argentine military officers, idem, November 2, 1999 List of prisoners seen alive at the ESMA, La Voz newspaper, Buenos Aires, January 16, 1984 Fernández Pondal wanted to change teams, La Semana magazine, Buenos Aires, March 22, 1984 Munú Actis, Cristina Aldini, Liliana Gardella, Miriam Lewin and Elisa Tokar, Ese infierno (That Hell), Editorial Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 2001 Testimony of Lewin de García, Miriam (student), Trial of Juntas, July 18, 1985 The revelations of Horacio Domingorena, Clarín newspaper, Buenos Aires, April 26, 1985 In Homage, The Buenos Aires Herald newspaper, Buenos Aires, August 5, 1978 A year after a kidnapping, La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, August 19, 1978 David Cox, En honor a la verdad (In Honor of the Truth), Ediciones Colihue, Buenos Aires, 2002 Marisa Presti, Ana Frank en Argentina (Anne Frank in Argentina), unpublished novel, Buenos Aires, 2003 Defense confirmed it does not want a museum at the ESMA, Página/12 newspaper, Buenos Aires, February 1, 2001 Balza: “I feel very proud of a man like Godoy,” La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, March 4, 2004 Proceedings are at ‘purely political’ stage, La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, June 18, 1979 The disappearance of a journalist, La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, August 8, 1985 Testimony about Fernández Pondal, La Prensa newspaper, Buenos Aires, August 8, 1985 Three years without Fernández Pondal, Ultima Clave magazine, Buenos Aires, August 5, 1980 Caracas Version, Clarín newspaper, Buenos Aires, December 29, 1983 The Hidalgo Solá case, La Razón newspaper, Buenos Aires, December 14, 1983 Judge Dibur still in Venezuela for the Hidalgo Solá case, Tiempo Argentino newspaper, Buenos Aires, December 14, 1983 Appeal in the abduction of a journalist, La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, August 13, 1977 Linked abductions? Clarín newspaper, Buenos Aires, September 18, 1982 ESMA: another 7 Navy officers and 2 others held, La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires, February 27, 1987 Task force in jail, Página/12 newspaper, Buenos Aires, September 8, 2001 Rodolfo Fernández Pondal, court file No. 2620, Department of Human Rights, Federal Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights
Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina Age at death: 29 Marital status: Married Education: High school graduate Profession/Position: Journalist, managing editor of the weekly Ultima Clave, Buenos Aires Previous employment: Stringer for Radio Rivadavia and a news agency Years in the profession: Nine Awards: None Hobbies: Reading, music, movies