30 October 2012

Nivanildo Barbosa Lima


(February 6, 1968 - disappeared July 20, 1995, and found dead July 22, 1995) Place and circumstances of death: He left home around 9:00 a.m. on July 20, 1995, on his way to the Church of Perpetual Help where he was to take part in a meeting of the newspaper Ponto de Encontro. He passed the Bankers Union building and told some friends he would be coming back after the meeting. His body was found floating in the São Francisco Hydroelectric Company-Paulo Afonso PA-4 Dam, with wounds to the face. The post mortem examination concluded death was due to “asphyxia by drowning.” Probable cause: He was seeking information about organized crime and he wrote articles on this in the Ponto de Econtro newspaper. Suspects: The investigation was shelved in October 1995. Following the autopsy, his death was determined to have been “due to natural causes.” The District Attorney’s Office requested the reopening of the case in June 2002. CHRONOLOGY July 20, 1995 - Nivanildo Barbosa Lima went missing around 9:00 a.m. as he went to the church for a meeting of his newspaper July 22, 1995 - His body was found in the Paulo Alonso PA-4 Dam and Detective Carlos Barbosa Sanches opened an investigation into his death August 1995 - The autopsy carried out by the Nina Rodrigues Medical-Legal Institute of Salvador indicated cause of death to be “asphyxia by drowning” October 26, 1998 - Judge Maria Auxiliadora Sobral Leite agreed to the District Attorney’s Office request to shelve the case. June 17, 1999 - District Attorney Isabel Adelaide de Melo Andrade requested the reopening of the case due to the emergence new evidence June 20, 2002 - Paulo Afonso District Attorney Hugo Casciano de Sant’Anna requested the case file in order to continue with the investigation requested by Melo Andrade October 2002 - The investigation by the District Attorney’s Office continues, to be handled again by the police department November 5, 2002 - Paulo Afonso District Attorney Izabel Cristina Vitória Santos requested information on the case for Paul Afonso Police District Coordinator Celso Lima Bezerra November 11, 2002 - Bezerra said that the findings will be sent to the Paulo Afonso detective for inquiries to be continued.


Place of birth: Paulo Afonso, Bahia state, Brazil Age at death: 27 Marital status: Single Education: 1st grade Profession/title: Reporter for the newspaper Ponto de Encontro, Paulo Fonso, Bahia Social activities/hobbies: He enjoyed playing soccer Other activities/duties: He was a member of the Communist Party of Brazil, a consultant to labor unions and associated with the Roman Catholic Church