30 October 2012

Jorge Lourenço dos Santos

(May 4, 1946 – July 11, 2004) Date and place of murder: July 11, 2004, in Santana do Ipanema, Alagoas Location and circumstances of the murder: at 7:25 p.m., the radio announcer left his house – where also the community radio station, Criativa FM, operated – to bring in his car, which was parked out front. On the driveway, after getting out of the car, he was surprised by a man that shot at him four times with a #380 pistol. Santos fell to the ground next to the car. One of his sons that was nearby, upon hearing the gunshots, ran after the murderer, but was held back by neighbors – they feared that the boy would also be killed. The radio station and Santos’ home is located on Highway BR 316, at the entrance of the city of Santana do Ipanema. Probable cause: criticisms made on his radio program about politicians and personalities from the region Suspects: no suspect has been identified. The police say that they are working on several theories because the announcer attacked many people with his criticisms.
Place of birth: Marimbondo, Alagoas Age at death: 59 years old Marital status: married to Genilda Freitas da Silva, 38 years old Children: with Genilda he had two kids, both still children, and two more with other women Profession/title: owner and announcer on the community radio station, Criativa FM, in Santana do Ipanema. He hosted the Dance Program from 6-8 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Between music and other items, he criticized and made remarks about politicians and the situation in the region. He also led campaigns in favor of the poor. Background in radio: before purchasing his own radio station, he worked at the following stations: Novo Nordeste (Arapiraca, Alagoas), Milênio (Santana do Ipanema, Alagoas), Iguatemi (Osasco, São Paulo), Gazeta (Pão de Açúcar, Alagoas), and Gazeta (Maceió). Other activities or roles: he had a “Minitrio” – motor cart with large speakers pushed by a motorcycle that he drove around the city when he wasn’t on the air hosting his radio program. Using the big speakers, he shouted advertising. Shortly before his death, he tried started a radio station also in the town of Major Isidoro, in which he would host a program on Sundays. He did two programs, but stopped and said that he would return to the project after the election period (elections for councilmen and mayor take place in October 2004). Santos had tried to be a candidate for councilman on two occasions without success. He currently was supporting his wife’s campaign for councilwomen from the Green Party (PV).