30 October 2012

Nelson Carvajal Carvajal

How and where murdered: He was leaving the Los Pinos School and as he mounted his motorcycle at the door of the school a hitman shot him seven times. The hitman made his getaway on a motorcycle with another person who had been waiting for him. Possible motives: His denunciations of political corruption and the presence of armed groups in Pitalito Investigation: Since December 2005 representatives of the IAPA and the Colombian government have been working to reach an “amicable agreement” suggested by the IACHR that would enable the legal process to move forward and the crime to be solved In December 2000, Víctor Félix Trujillo Calderón and Alfonso Quintero Alvarado were acquitted by the Neiva Specialized Court on the grounds of “the full demonstration of the innocence of the accused.” Marco Fidel Colazos and Ramiro Falla Cuenca, also named, were dismissed from the case. Fernando Bermúdez, accused of having instigated the crime, was acquitted by the Neiva Specialized Court on the grounds of “the full demonstration of innocence.” Some irregularities in the process: 1. The investigation into the journalist’s murder was handled in turn by four different investigators, slowing the process down. 2. Vicente Ortiz, the first one to take up the investigation, performed erratically, including making private inquiries public, thus endangering witnesses. 3. Eduardo Estévez, another investigator, refused to hear the testimony of a number of people interested in giving statements. He is currently a fugitive from justice. 4. The names of more than 20 people who had testified under the now abolished concept of keeping witnesses’ identities secret were revealed. 5. The investigation carried out by the Attorney General’s Office gathered testimonial evidence on only one of the theories put forward on the murder. It ignored other key versions. 6. The Huila Special Public Prosecutor, Cecilia Giraldo Saavedra, in charge of the case, was threatened.
Nelson Carvajal Carvajal August 16, 1961 - April 16, 1998 Place of Birth: Inspectorate of Guacacallo, Pitalito municipality, Huila province, Colombia Age at death: 37 Marital status: Married Education: Graduate of the Instituto Universitario Juan Castellanos in Religious Studies and Ethics Position: Director of the news programs “Momento Regional,” “Mirador de la Semana,” “Amanecer en el Campo” and “Tribuna Médica” broadcast by Radio Sur radio station, principal and teacher at the Los Pinos School Background: He started out as a teacher in 1981 and as a journalist in 1986, as host of the news program “Momento Regional” at Radio Sur radio station, affiliate of RCN Radio He was elected to the Pitalito city commission for the 1992-1994-1995-1997 terms Date of murder: April 16, 1998