30 October 2012

Gustavo Ruiz Cantillo


How and where murdered: Two hitmen on a motorcycle shot him in the head as he was entering the Pivijay market square. Possible motives: His denunciations of violence unleashed by paramilitaries. Investigative process: The investigation was initiated by a specialist public prosecutor in Santa Marta under case file number 20,227 a few days after the murder. On January 19, 2004, three years and two months later, the Public Prosecutor’s Office classified the case as “subject to a restraining order on the grounds of expiration of the time limit established under the law, without it having been possible to identify the perpetrators or those who took part in the matter under investigation.” Some irregularities in the process: 1.- Restraining order on the grounds of expiration of the time limit.


Name: Gustavo Ruiz Cantillo Place of birth: Pivijay, Magdalena, Colombia Age at death: 39 Marital status: Single Education: Pivijay National High School Position: Correspondent of Radio Galeón in Santa Marta Background: He began his career in journalism at the late 1980s as a correspondent for “Diario Hablado” news program of Radio Libertad in Barranquilla. He was with Radio Galeón for 10 years. Date of murder: November 15, 2000