30 October 2012

Benjamín Flores

(July 11, 1968 - July 15, 1997) Date of murder: July 15, 1997 Place and circumstances of murder: He was walking towards the La Prensa newspaper building when a man got out of a moving van, fired multiple shots at him, went back to the vehicle to get a pistol and then came back to finish him off with three more shots to the head, making off afterwards with three other persons. Possible motives: He wrote in La Prensa about alleged links of politicians and police officers with drug traffickers. Jaime González Gutiérrez, leader of a gang of drug trafficker brothers, was a frequent target of Flores González, who exposed in the newspaper the tricks he got up to get out of jail every time he was arrested and the special privileges he enjoyed while in custody. La Prensa put a spotlight on "Jaimillo," as González Gutiérrez was nicknamed, and on judges and public prosecutors.
Place of birth: San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora state, Mexico Age at death: 29 Marital status: Single Children (names and ages at time of father’s death): Education: Primary incomplete Profession/Position: Founder, owner and editor of La Prensa newspaper, San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico Journalism background: He began work as a reporter at age 17 for La Tribuna de San Luis, then worked for Novedades de Baja California. He wrote a column titled "No confirmado" (Unconfirmed) for the weekly Siete Días in Mexicali. Other activities: Civic involvements/hobbies: His main hobby was to race four-wheel vehicles in the desert.