12 August 2010

Inter American Press Association / Miami / August / #01


Inter American Press Association / Miami / August / #01

Mexican journalists march for protection, justice

MEXICO CITY -- More than 1,000 Mexican journalists marched through the city center Saturday to protest the killing and disappearance of their colleagues as escalating drug violence increasingly targets reporters.
Murderer of Tim Lopes selling drugs in Rio de Janeiro shantytown

Elizeu Felicio de Souza, known as Zeu, was filmed openly selling drugs in the Morro do Alemão shantytown in Rio de Janeiro. De Souza had been sentenced to 23 years and six months in prison for his involvement in the 2002 murder of Tim Lopes.
IAPA praises official diligence in arrest of journalists’ kidnappers

The IAPA welcomed the arrest of three believed to be linked to last week’s abduction of four journalists in the Mexican state of Durango and highlighted the importance of swift action in safeguarding the victims’ lives.
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