02 July 1962


Josephine Ann Werne USA
Ronald F. Arias USA
Judith Linda McVey USA
Fernando J. Fernández Cuba
Arbon Jack Lowe USA
Pedro Pablo Camargo Mexico
John R. Bauman USA
Juan Carlos Diaz Foster Uruguay
Reynol Ramírez Rodríguez Cuba
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

From Washington, D.C., he studied in Chile with his scholarship. For several years he has been editor in chief of Americas magazine, published ten times yearly in English, Spanish and Portuguese editions by the Organization of American States. “Without the IAPA scholarship,” he wrote, I very much doubt I would be in position. It opened up my interest in Latin America enormously and provided the opportunity to learn Spanish fl uently, gain and understanding of Latin American culture and customs and even to start my own magazine. All of which led, step by step, to my job now with the OAS.”

She spent her year in Argentina studying at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Later she joined the staff of The Miami Herald, travelled in Latin America on assignment and helped cover the Cuban refugee situation in Miami. She reports that her scholarship prepared her for whatever assignments she received: “Whatever position I have had on The Herald, I have been able to use my Spanish and my background in Latin America.” She went editor in the Home Furnishing department and writes a column, My Design, which is syndicated by the Knight-Ridder Newspapers.