04 July 1975


Charles D. Sherman USA
James Bruce USA
Luis A. Canelas Bolivia
Mary Lenz USA
James Cole Hayes USA
Mary Ann Balamaci USA
Juan Herrera Chile
Silio Boccanera Brazil
Eugenia F. de Andrade Brazil
Maria Costa Pinto Brazil
Carin Joy Condon USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

He went to Brazil on his scholarship. After he was researcher and writer for the magazine Business Latin America and other publications of Business International concerned with market investment conditions for multinational corporations interested in Brazil. “The scholarship,” he wrote, “eased my transition from domestic to foreign journalism at a time when the job market might not have favored such a change”.

Another graduate of Columbia University, returned to New York as correspondent for 0 Estado, Sao Paulo, Brazil. “Living in New York during presidential elections,” she wrote, “was an invaluable experience. Also, the scholarship gave me the opportunity of thinking international an extremely valuable asset for a journalist”.

She went to Colombia on a Capital Cities scholarship. Since then she has done considerable freelance work from her Cincinnati, Ohio, base and has also been a staff writer for the Associated Press. She completed her thesis for a master’s in Latin American Studies titled: “The History, Diplomatic Signifi cance and Continuing Importance of the Panama Canal,” Vanderbilt University Library. She wrote: “The grant expanded and diversifi ed both my journalistic and academic experience and connections”.