04 July 1967


Lloyd A. Cubbison USA
Lina Alberti Peru
Heather H. Royes Jamaica
Huáscar Toscano Uruguay
Ruth Merino Chile
Chistopher A. Nascimento Guyana
Sandra Ann Sawicki USA
Emilia Godoy Chile
Larry F. Cripe USA
Norma C. Romano Bolivia
Luis A. Villares Puerto Rico
Gisella Bergeret Uruguay
Denton L. Watson USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

Receiving the IAPA scholarship gave me a great incentive. Because of it after graduating from the School of Journalism at the Universidad de Concepción (Chile) I was able to continue my studies in the United States. The IAPA has also given me the opportunity to be a speaker at some of its seminars so my relationship with the organization is ongoing.

I am currently a consultant for El Nuevo Día, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I give seminars and workshops to Latin American media.

A graduate of Columbia University, later he was Managing Editor of El Mundo, San Juan. He was formerly a professor of journalism at the School of Public Communication, University of Puerto Rico. Getting a master’s degree and the academic training he received “opened the doors to my teaching at the University of Puerto Rico and has been an important factor in the pro-motions I have received while working at El Mundo”.