04 July 1971


Ruy Placido Barbosa Cuba
Thomas J. Slavin USA
Julie Lou Tripp USA
Michael K. Burns Uruguay
Yvonne Frances Thayer USA
Jim Leslie Davis USA
Gerardo Bolaños USA
Henry S. Ackerman Jamaica
Mabel Correa Colombia
Charlotte Kuzmich Costa Rica
Alejandro Koffman USA
Eliane de Abreu Chile
Daphne Asenath Mitchell Brasil
Kester McGregor Alves Guyana
Francisco Chagas de Moraes Brazil
Jose Ramos de Almeida Brazil
Agustín Pérez Ecuador
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

She returned to Brazil in after her year of study at the University of Southern California and became copy editor of Diario de Comercio e Industria of Sao Paulo. She also freelances translations of stories from magazines and the news agencies. “Being an IAPA scholarship winner,” she said, “gave me the chance to acquire additional experience in the handling of news stories and features, as well as the possibility of improving my command of English.

She received an scholarship and studied for a year at the UNAM. Formerly assistant editor of The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, she went a reporter on human resources at The Oregonian, Portland. She feels that her year in Mexico “gave me a deeper understanding of the problems of illegal aliens, migrant workers and U.S. -Mexican relations. Also, my lAPA credentials were a real boost in landing the Tucson job”.

She chose Rio de Janeiro for her studies. She stayed on as correspondent for Newsweek and later joined the U.S. foreign service. She went Second Secretary in the Buenos Aires embassy. “The scholarship,” she said, “reinforced my interest in foreign affairs, languages and writing. I travel and collect information which has an impact on U.S. policy and understanding toward Latin America”.