04 July 1978


Eric De Coursey Smith Barbados
María Magdalena Rivas USA
Pamela W. Wheaton USA
Digby A. Solomon USA
William J. Hornyak USA
Dolores Salcedo Castañeda Colombia
Norma Couri Brazil
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

He studied and participated in the Scholarship Fund’s Reporting Program during his year in Venezuela and was immediately snapped up by United Press International. He is the UPI’s correspondent in Brasilia, Brazil. “I learned,” he wrote, “that potential employers place a good deal of weight on the fact that an applicant has had an lAPA scholarship. They consider it proof that he has met certain criteria of education and writing ability. I have achieved a long¬cherished goal of being a Latin American correspondent. “

She fi nished her studies at Columbia. She was already an accomplished reporter on the staff of Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro. Her assignments included coverage of the last U.S. conventions and elections. She felt her year at Columbia has enriched her professionally.

He returned from his year of study at the Universidad Catolica, Lima, and wrote: “I think I have become a more informed journalist with regards to Latin America and, indirectly, with regards to the USA as well understand my own cultural biases better and, as a result, I think I will be a better interpreter of events in the future.”