05 July 1983


Homero Hinojosa Mexico
Heloisa Golbspan Herscovitz Brazil
Olga Lucia Navia Colombia
Mimi Whitefield USA
Ma. Carmen Baptista Bolivia
Vickij Carpenter USA
Steve Fishman USA
Mary B.Powers USA
Mary Elizabeth Speck USA
Kathi C. Sweeney USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

At the time I worked as a general editor for O Estado de S. Paulo. I applied my scholarship toward a Master’s in Mass Communications at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. People ask me why I went to Alabama. At the time there was no internet so I went to the U.S. Consulate library and copied names and addresses of universities in many states beginning with the letter A of Alabama. I received numerous responses to my inquiries, always with that standard, impersonal letter. From the University of MontevalloI received a handwritten letter written by the graduate director, Helen Perkins (deceased) full of information and telling me she had lived in Brazil. I was accepted by other universities but I chose to go to small Montevallo, Alabama, where I was treated with great affection.

When I finished my master’s it was time to return to Brazil. I was on leave from the newspaper and unsure if I wanted to return. Then my advisor suggested that I spend the summer and then do an internship in a small TV station in Atlanta that was launching a whole new concept: 24 hours of news with an international focus. The channel was still unknown and was called .... CNN. At the time I decided not to take the job – but, who could have imagined how powerful it would become!

The IAPA scholarship opened my eyes to the world. Because of it I decided to make a change and, from practicing journalism, I became a professor of journalism after completing my doctorate years later, also in the United States at the University of Florida under a Fulbright scholarship. Today I am a professor at California State University Long Beach and live with my family in Huntington Beach, a beautiful place south of Los Angeles.

With the IAPA scholarship and other fi nancial support I studied at the University of Texas at Austin, and was able to earn a BA in Journalism, my second degree. My stay in Austin was from August 1982 to June 1983 and again from August 1984 to December 1985.

I returned to work at the newspaper El Norte (Monterrey, Grupo Reforma), where in 1988 I was named deputy editor.

The degree I earned in Texas unlocked opportunities to work as a media consultant, a specialty I have practiced since 1991.