08 July 2004


Néfer Muñoz Costa Rica
Elizabeth Baier USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

I can say, without a doubt, that the IAPA scholarship changed my life. I traveled to the United States to do a Masters’s in Journalism and Latin American studies at New York University. The grant from the IAPA and another grant I received that year -- the OAS-LASPAU -- allowed me to have the best academic and cultural experience that I had ever experienced. I studied and practiced journalism in New York with professors who changed my perception of the profession. In 2005 I was admitted as a doctoral candidate in literature byHarvard University and am currently working on my dissertation which will discuss the relationship between journalism and literature in Latin America.

From José Martí, to Lima Barreto and Roberto Arlt, to Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Tomas Eloy Martinez. Many of the most important Latin American writers have worked as reporters in newsrooms. I am studying the link between journalism and literature, between fact and fi ction, which has created a very Latin American literary fi gure, the reporter-author.