08 July 1996


Grace Idona Virtue Jamaica
Tiffany Amy-Ashley Woods USA
Anna Marie Cearley USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

A graduate of the University of Oregon, in Journalism, Languages and Spanish Literature. She recalls that at 15 she read “Buying the Night Flight,” Georgie Anne Geyer’s autobiography that relates her comings and goings as a foreign correspondent. “At that moment I decided that this was the right job for me: no routine, something adventurous. “I have always been interested in people, cultures and foreign governments,” she stated in her application to the IAPA. After traveling to Peru and studies at the Universidad de San Marcos in Lima, she moved to neighboring Chile where she worked for news agencies as a reporter on economic affairs: “Thanks to the scholarship I was able to discover the reality beyond the local newspaper in my native Oregon, learn about Latin America, where not only must one write of the prices of shares and the stock market, but also of injustice and misery. And about and the joy of soccer. I mean, I found good and bad. I’ll remember forever.