15 December 2015

Brad Will


BRAD WILL, American in Mexico

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Ronald Bradley Will traveled over 3,000 miles from New York to Oaxaca, Mexico, only to meet death in the midst of the violence in Santa Lucia del Camino, a colonial town that was almost in flames.

Will worked as an independent with no international press credentials and used only Indymedia, an organization in New York, as a point of reference.

With his long hair parted in the middle and tied back, old-man glasses and a beard, Will was a young journalist who was deeply committed to building a new community. He had filmed critical events in many latin american countries.

In Oaxaca, gunmen with automatic weapons, paid for by Governor Uro Ruiz, brawled with masked rebels who took cover wherever they could. Dead bodies strewn on the pavement of a narrow street. Foreign journalists were poorly seen by the Government, whose radio station encouraged xenophobia. That October 27, 2006, a cameraman managed to film much of the confrontation. With his camera caught between the two lines of fire, he looked for the best image until he found it: in his frame, two killers. The audio picked up sound of the final shot and in moments his camera bounced off the ground making him the protagonist of the scene.

His death remains unpunished, despite the private efforts by his family to investigate. A U.S. NGO did its own investigative work in Mexico and provided its findings to the federal Attorney General's Office.

Will's father and mother have traveled several times from Milwaukee to Oaxaca in search of answers to the old question, Who killed their son Brad? Frustrated and disappointed, the only conclusion is that there is no justice. The murderers walk free, untouchable... impunity reigns.

Case Summary

OAXACA – Aquellos que informamos directamente desde los hechos del movimiento de la justicia social en Latinoamérica compartimos y comprendemos que siempre existe una bala con nuestro nombre grabado. Brad Will viajó 2.500 millas, desde Nueva York a éste pueblo mexicano invadido por la violencia, para encontrar la suya.


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