Join the campaign on May 3


Join the campaign on May 3
World Press Freedom Day

The IAPA is joining the UNESCO campaign to commemorate World Press Freedom Day which is being celebrated on May 3 this year under the slogan Access to Public Information.

To have a wider dissemination we are asking journalist colleagues and news media around the world to issue on May 3 tweets with the hashtag #wpfd2016 (for World Press Freedom Day in the English-language version) to call for access to public information.

Below we suggest texts that you can tweet beyond those that you determine. We want on this May 3, so as to continue building democracy that the hashtag #wpfd2016 becomes a trending topic.

  • Transparency and access to public information are essential for democracy #wpfd2016

  • We are celebrating this World Press Freedom Day committing ourselves to transparency #wpfd2016

  • Freedom of expression requires free access to public sources of information #wpfd2016

  • An open and transparent government is essential to build democracy #wpfd2016

  • A society silenced or gagged is to the benefit of despots #wpfd2016

  • Without freedom of expression there cannot be true democracy #wpfd2016

  • Silence is partner of corruption, and manipulation the ally of propaganda #wpfd2016

  • Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Barbados and Jamaica do not yet have laws on access to information #wpfd2016

  • The legislative bill on access to public information in Argentina should be approved without delay #wpfd2016

  • There cannot be democratic life with fragmented, omitted, false or manipulated information #wpfd2016

  • Officials who do not provide information should be severely punished, under terms of the access laws mandate #wpfd2016

  • Democracy requires governments to respect press freedom, be open and transparent #wpfd2016

  • Democratic culture requires governments to respect the constitutional mandate on press freedom, openness and transparency #wpfd2016

  • Access to public information should be a constant quest and desire #wpfd2016

  • People are those that benefit when their governors know how to handle public matters #wpfd2016

  • Transparency in public affairs should not be only in times of elections #wpfd2016

  • Transparency is an essential obligation of the public official #wpfd2016

  • Lack of transparency in public information creates a vicious circle on which impunity feeds #wpfd2016