Two videos about the overwhelming situation that the press is going through in the country, were presented at the general assembly of the SIP in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Venezuela, the regime controls communications, closes radio and television stations; blocks websites and digital platforms; calls the participants in the protests 'traitors', removes the signals of international channels, withhold passports and other personal identification documents of members of the opposition and destroys political diversity.

According to local organizations such as Espacio Público, Provea and IPYS, among others, "there were committed numerous cases of physical attacks by police or military officers on journalists, reporters, photographers and cameramen in this period. They suffered beatings and frequently their equipment (cameras, microphones, cell phones, tablets, bulletproof vests, gasmasks or vehicles) have been destroyed or seized. In one case there have been identified with their last names the military authors of those attacks, it not being known of any legal investigation that has been started against them".

Two short videos about the crippling situation of the Venezuelan press and journalists were presented during the 73rd General Assembly of the SIP in Salt Lake City, Utah. The vice-president for Venezuela of the Commission of Freedom of the Press and Expression, Miguel Henrique Otero, projected one of them as part of his annual report and, in addition, the HispanoPost firm that works through correspondents with mobile devices in Venezuela and in more than 30 countries, offered a compilation of attacks and abuses suffered by the Venezuelan press.

Video - Violaciones a la Libertad de expresión, presentado por Miguel Henrique Otero

Video - Situación de medios en Venezuela 2017 para SIP, HispanoPost