20 January 2021

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Ballistipax® announces the Survivor-1™ Quickdraw™ Body Armor System

Melbourne, Florida— January 18, 2021 Today, Ballistipax, LLC announced the immediate availability of the Survivor-1 Body Armor System providing individuals with discreet ballistic protection.

Given the uncertainties of today's society, the ability to protect yourself and others has become an increasing focus to many citizens. Discreetly being prepared for the unexpected while maintaining everyday practical use became a reality with Survivor-1. "I designed this product because, at the end of the day, I want people to come home to their families," said David Malis, a surgeon, and CEO of Ballistipax

The Survivor-1 Body Armor System features Ballistipax's patented one-handed, ambidextrous, Quickdraw plate carrier deployment. This makes Survivor-1 the only one of its kind. The quickdraw plate carrier features full-sized MOLLE panel. The robust MOLLE panel allows for near-limitless equipment configurations. The Survivor-1 also features two hook-and-loop side panels where quick-detach IFAK pouches or additional MOLLE panels can be added, giving users the ability to customize their Survivor-1 for any mission.

Unlike other "bulletproof backpacks", the Survivor-1 allows the individual to easily interchange their armor panels to accommodate pistol and rifle-caliber plates. The plate carrier's quick-disconnects allow it to be easily separated from the backpack and interchanged with additional, pre-configured, Survivor-1 plate carriers. It can also be disconnected and handed to another individual for their use in the event of an emergency. "The versatility of the Survivor-1 is limitless" commented Malis.

Constructed with MILSPEC materials, it is rugged enough to meet even the demands of professionals. Ballistipax also offers a line of ballistic defense products and accessories to support the Survivor-1.

You can find more information on our product at https://ballistipax.com

A product review video can be found here: https://youtu.be/6RV0yuMvf6o


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