Report to the IAPA 77 General Assembly Virtual
October 19-22, 2021

Since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, on July 7, violence and insecurity in general have worsened - as has the climate of freedom of the press and of expression.

This semester, the facilities of 57 media - mostly radio stations - were affected by the earthquake of August 14 that hit the south of the country with a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale. One journalist died as a result of the natural disaster.

On June 29, unknown motorcycle gunmen killed journalist Diego Charles outside his home in Christ-Roi, Port-au-Prince. Charles, 33, worked for Radio Vision 2000, and also for the digital newspaper Gazette Haïti, and was co-founder of the portal Larepiblik Magazine. On the same day, opposition political activist Antoinette Duclair - of the Matrice Liberation party and co-founder of Larepiblik Magazine - was also murdered. Both had been threatened for denouncing corruption and abuses. The killers made intimidating phone calls to family members and possible witnesses to the crimes.

Authorities are investigating whether Charles' murder was related to his professional work.

On September 25, journalist Winchel Adrien confirmed he was the victim of an attack by gunmen when he tried to avoid a traffic jam. He was fired upon from another car.