14 November 2012

IAPA Activities


The Inter American Press Association regularly and systematically carries out a wide range of activities to serve its mission of defending and advocating for press freedoms. These activities include the following:

  • Continuously monitoring violations of press freedoms and freedoms of expression in each country in the Americas, and preparing semiannual reports.
  • Working on a daily basis to monitor developments, denounce violations, and mobilize our members and other important individuals and organizations to defend freedoms of expression and the interests of the press in the Americas.
  • Conducting public campaigns on press freedoms issues and crimes against journalists through publications (which may or may not be IAPA members).
  • Engaging with the various branches of government in each country to promote freedom of information legislation and to repeal laws that curtail press freedom.
  • Proactively supporting the development and dissemination of supranational case law that can set favorable precedents for freedoms of expression in the hemisphere.
  • Organizing high-level emergency forums, where multinational delegations travel to the respective countries in order to call for changes favorable to press freedom.
  • Broadly and immediately condemning and disseminating violations, threats, and attacks on journalists and media outlets, through resolutions, press releases, protests, and public statements.
  • Extending moral support and solidarity to journalists imprisoned for their work, either by visiting them in person or, when this is not possible, by providing direct support to their families, such as those of independent journalists behind bars in Cuba.
  • Fact finding emergency visits the countries to highlight issues affecting freedoms of expression and of the press.
  • Seminars in all the countries of the hemisphere.
  • The mobilization of investigative reporters of the Rapid Response Unit in the event of the murder of journalists anywhere in the hemisphere.
  • The creation and constant updating of a Risks Map for news gathering in the Americas that may serve as a guide for the protection of reporters working in the cities and the provinces of the countries with most problems.