16 November 2012


What is the Freedom Forum Library ?

IAPA’s Freedom Forum Library is one of the leading independent reference libraries on journalism in the America

The foundation’s main priorities are: First Amendment issues, newsroom diversity and an interactive museum of news, the NEWSEUM, located in Washington D.C.s. It is housed on the seventh floor of IAPA’S Jules Dubois Building in Miami, Florida.

The Freedom Forum Library, is a partnership between the Freedom Forum and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA).

Freedom Forum Projects:

•   The Newseum •   First Amendment Center •   Freedom Forum Diversity Institute •   Today’s Front Pages •   Freedom Park •   Journalist Memorial •   http://www.freedomforum.org

How can we help you?

The IAPA/Freedom Forum Library provides:

•   Access to Internet services and databases. •   Targeted materials pertaining to Journalism, Mass Communication, Media Law in the Americas, and Human Rights. •   Material available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. •   Specialized journals and reference material. •   Access to specialized databases such as Factiva and Nexis for students and journalists.

Library services:

•   Offers access to outside research. •   Accommodates research requests by priority. •   Helps guide students with research needs as time permits. •   Conducts searches of fee-based online information resources at no cost. •   Provides library orientation for employees and visitors. •   Provides PC and Mac platform computers with Internet access.


•   Domestic and international periodicals and newspapers. •   IAPA Publications. •   Freedom Forum Publications. •   Journalism books pertaining Mass Communication, Human Rights, Media Law and Freedom of the Press. •   Magazines professional and trade journals.