19 November 2012


Taxi –The official firm is Guarucop and its Web site is in both English and Spanish: www.guarucoop.com.br Buses – There is an official company that does the transportation from the airport to various parts of São Paulo, including the Renaissance Hotel. Those interested should look for the service “Airport Bus Service – EMTU” and the buses that go to the Renaissance are those that cover the route “São Paulo (Rota dos Hotéis)”. The timetables posted on the Web site are the departure times from Guarulhos. There is an information and ticket sales booth for these buses in the airport and there is one sole fare – R$35.00 one way per person. The company’s Web site is not in other languages, only Portuguese: www.aeroportoguarulhos.net/transporte-onibus-aeroporto-guarulhos Car rental – Although renting a car is not recommended as São Paulo is not an east city to drive in for those who do not know it, information can be obtained from the airport’s official Web site: www.aeroportoguarulhos.net/aluguel-carros-aeroporto-guarulhos VISAS Información sobre visas para Brasil: http://brazil.visahq.com AIRLINE TAM is the IAPA General Assembly official airline. To take advantage of its offers, please contact Daniele Medeiros at daniele.medeiros@tam.com.br or Ana Andrade at ana.andrade@tam.com.br or via fax at (11) 5582-9210. TAM flies to São Paulo from all South American capitals and from Miami, Orlando, and New York. It recently signed an alliance with LAN Chile, through which it has increased its service network.