04 July 1970


Roberto C. Fabricio Cuba
Sam Jacobs USA
Lynne P. Frindell Yaple USA
Lilian Ivonne Steinhardt Uruguay
Neil Maurer USA
John L. Sherman USA
Joseph Lardner USA
Audrey Marie Aarons Brown Jamaica
Daniel Samper Pizano Colombia
Rodolfo Schmidt-Pech Venezuela
Charles E. Padilla USA
Irene M. Meyer Brazil
Gloria Lee Vera USA
Tulio Astudillo Cádiz Chile
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

She has used her knowledge to teach aspiring journalists in her native Jamaica and Bermuda. After completing her studies at Michigan state she became news editor of The Daily Gleaner, Kingston, and taught the first journalism course for aspiring young Jamaicans. Married and living in Bermuda, she taught English and journalism at Bermuda College. “The training I received through Aarons the scholarship,” she wrote, “made me aware of the need for trained journalists in developing countries. As a result, I have done my best to fi ll this need in the countries in which I have lived”.

Samper studied at the University of Kansas and went on to become one of the most prominent journalists in Colombia. He led an investigative team at El Tiempo, Bogota, and published an often- controversial daily column. He was also managing editor of El Pueblo, Cali, and worked as a journalist in Spain. He wrote: “The scholarship gave academic structure to my empirical knowledge of journalism. It made me discover a world of analysis, studies and research on media communications that I would not have known had I not attended an American university. “

“I consider the IAPA scholarship a great advance in my career. I attended the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University on a scholarship. Upon graduating I was hired by the IAPA. For several years after that I was a reporter for The Miami Herald until I was hired as executive director of EI Nuevo Dia, San Juan, Puerto Rico. From Puerto Rico I became director of El Nuevo Herald in Miami and editor and columnist for The Miami Herald. I later was editor and correspondent for the international desk of the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale. I was born in Cuba and educated in the United States. The scholarship opened my eyes to the great global world of journalism and allowed me to build valuable professional relationships. My year in Columbia paid off beyond my expectations. Then those links led me back to the IAPA as a member of the Board of Directors. It has been a high point in my career and my life. Fabricio currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

He was bureau manager for United Press International (UPI) in Santiago, Chile, in charge of supervision of English and Spanish language news coverage and administration of the bureau. He said: “The IAPA scholarship put me in the right place at the right time for de job I wanted”.