08 July 1995


Julie López Guatemala
Liz Mineo Peru
Belkis Zavala-Ferro Honduras
Michele Levander USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

Thanks to the scholarship from the IAPA I had the opportunity to study at Florida International University, Miami, and graduated with a Master’s in Investigative Journalism. Following that, in the work realm, doors were opening in the area of Public Relations for the State of Florida.

In 2006 I was awarded a grant from Americans for the Arts to attend their annual convention for leaders of the arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The theme of the conference focused on attaining freedom of cultural expression in a changing world, which I believed to be linked to press freedom in the Americas.

I’ve been a consultant for the Florida Department of Transportation and public affairs specialist for the Miami Intermodal Center project and Florida’s Turnpike. I have written and created bilingual informational materials for road construction projects in the area, aimed at the diverse population that characterizes southern Florida.

Practicing journalism in Honduras and then training in the United States is the engine that has driven me to continue on the path to achieving my career goals.