14 December 2015

Alfredo García Márquez

History Case Summary

Name: Alfredo García Márquez

Position: Anchor of talk show "Encuentro" on radio station XEDL "La fuerza de la palabra" (The Strength of the Word) of Grupo Radio, in Hermosillo, Sonora state, Mexico

Age: 49, 13 years as the show’s host

Date of death: October 31, 2000

Circumstances: Found dead at his home, it being estimated that he had died 36 to 48 hours previously; he had been shot in the head

Probable cause: On Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Manuel Enrique Márquez, 20, was arrested; according to the police, he confessed to having killed García Márquez in self-defense after the latter insisted on their having sexual relations. Three friends of the young soldier helped him dispose of evidence.

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Host of Radio XEDL talk show "Encuentro" Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

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