IAPA Midyear Meeting 2017

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

March 31 – April 3

WHEREAS there are attacks upon journalists and news media in the middle of social conflicts and with alarming frequency

WHEREAS reports and photographers are the victims of beatings, assaults and theft of equipment during coverage of social conflicts

WHEREAS there is violation of the right to inform and express thoughts and ideas when journalists are detained while carrying out their work

WHEREAS violence, the destruction of equipment and silencing of media are criminal acts punishable under the Penal Code.


to urge the government of Bolivia to set social and political conditions that would contribute to the peaceful solution of conflicts and with the necessary prevision to prevent acts of violence that affect the newsgathering work of journalists and news media

to call upon the Police and Public Prosecutor's Office to take appropriate actions to investigate, determine responsibilities and identify those who promote persecution, physical aggressions and attacks on journalists and news media installations

to demand to the Judicial Branch that it avoid impunity in specific cases of attacks upon journalists such as those on reporters Ana Apaza and Edwin Huanca and news photographers Javier Mamani and Álvaro Valero, who after suffering considerable injuries and the loss of their equipment were not assisted for the opening of legal actions against their alleged attackers

to demand actions aimed at determining responsibilities in the attack upon, destruction of and the setting fire to the broadcast station that comprises the governmental network Sistema Nacional de Pueblos Originarios (National System of Native Peoples – RPO), installed in the rural town of Achacachi, with the objective of applying punishment as determined by Article 296 of the Penal Code in its Crimes Against Press Freedom chapter.