Report to the IAPA
March 28, 2020

The main restriction of the semester occurred during the COVID-19 public health crisis in there being prevented journalists and media from circulating during the curfew. A female journalist was detained.

The curfew in effect since March 19 did not regard journalists and media as providers of essential services. Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes said that the journalists were not exempt from complying with the order.

The journalists announced that they would not be attending government press conferences, neither not make questions about the crisis underway until the prime minister agreed to hold a meeting to speak about the restrictions. The government accused them of challenging the curfew and of offending the prime minister.

On March 22 journalist Sharina Henríquez of "Caribisch Netwerk" was detained by police after making a report on how tourists are dealing with the curfew. She was freed two hours later and fined 1,000 florins (approximately USD $500).