Report to the IAPA
March 28, 2020

Journalism continues operating in the shadow of a generalized climate of aggressions, both by armed agents of the government and of the opposition groups that for more than a year have been protesting in the streets against corruption.

The government of President Jovenel Moisse is being violently challenged by opposition groups that are demanding his resignation. The lack of safety among the public has obliged the press to work in conditions of lack of guarantees and much danger.

In this context of permanent instability several journalists have faced problems to cover the protests, one of which ended in the murder of reporter Rospide Petion of Radio Sans Fin and the injury with bullet wounds of another nine reporters of various media in 2019.

This year mobs attempted to set fire to the offices of the Caribe Radio and Televisión Chain in Port-au-Prince, which caused the media outlet to temporarily interrupt its broadcasts.

The community of Haitian independent journalists continues calling upon the authorities to clarify the murder two years ago of news photographer Vladimir Legagneur arising from another series of street disturbances in the capital city.