15 November 2012



The President shall chair all meetings of the Association and, along with the Secretary, shall sign on the Association’s behalf all documents approved by the Board of Directors. In general, the President shall perform all regular duties pertaining to the office of President, as well as any other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors or specified in these Bylaws.

The two Vice Presidents, in the order in which they were elected, may exercise the powers and perform the duties of the President, as directed by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. In the President’s absence, one of the two Vice Presidents, in order of precedence, shall chair the meetings of the Association. In the event of the President’s resignation or death, the First Vice President shall act as President until the following elections.

The Treasurer shall oversee the funds of the Association and shall report on the Association’s finances at the midyear meetings of the Board of Directors and at the General Assemblies.

The Secretary shall attend the annual meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors and shall maintain accurate minutes of such meetings.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall be the representative of the President of the Association and, as such, shall perform all of the President’s duties related to managing the Association. He or she shall be responsible for running the office of the Association and shall report to the Board of Directors at each of its meetings. He or she shall manage the work of the Executive Director and shall give instructions as needed regarding the Association’s affairs.

Managing the Association’s affairs shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director, who is not an elected officer. The Executive Director shall answer directly to the Chairman of the Executive Committee. He or she shall be in charge, at the Association’s headquarters, of any correspondence, contracts, and other written documents that need to be kept in the files of the Association.

Each officer shall perform the duties that pertain to his or her office, including the preparation of any reports or documents requested by the Board of Directors. Upon completion of his or her term, each officer shall turn over to the Board of Directors all books, papers, or other property of the Association.