Resolution of the 73rd General Assembly

Salt Lake City, Utah

October 27-30


WHEREAS the use of social stigma against independent media and journalists is a means frequently employed by officials and militants of the government party

WHEREAS the message is sent to give rise to the discrediting of independent news media and journalists

WHEREAS the physical, verbal, psychological attacks and pressures upon reporters, cameramen and photographers frequently have the effect of being messages of social stigma

WHEREAS the Multinational Legislative Assembly is considering the Penal Code System bill and regulations that affect the work of the press

WHEREAS Principle 10 of the Declaration of Chapultepec maintains that: "No news medium nor journalist may be punished for publishing the truth or criticizing or denouncing the government"


to urge the national government to comply with the international treaties, the Political Constitution of the State and the Press Law which offer protection of the work of the press, and to avoid the use of social stigma because of the dangers that it carries with it for the safety of journalists, graphic reporters and television cameramen

to urge the justice system to punish in accordance with the current body of laws those responsible for attacks, physical and material aggressions against journalists and news media, with the objective of avoiding impunity

to demand of the judicial and police authorities the reparation of material damages committed against journalists who in carrying out their work suffer violence and the seizure of equipment and other means of work

to welcome the agreement reached between the ANP, press organizations and the heads of the Legislative Branch that safeguards the work of the press and protects freedom of thought and the free circulation of news media, in all their forms, and remains expectant until the promulgation of the texts agreed upon on October 10, 2017.