Resolution of the 73rd General Assembly

Salt Lake City, Utah

October 27-30


WHEREAS there have been recorded a series of legislative bills on the part of the opposition party Fuerza Popular linked to the practice of journalism and to the news media, among them that which was endorsed by Héctor Becerril of Fuerza Popular

And nine members of Congress of the same party, which would establish that 2% of the annual sales of newspapers go to a "national newsboys' social security fund (Fonass-CAN)"

WHEREAS another bill by Luis Galarreta and other representatives of Fuerza Popular iwould decree that 30% of the government's daily television programming give coverage to news of the three government branches

WHEREAS in May IAPA Press Freedom Committee Chairman Roberto Rock expressed concern in an IAPA mission over "action in the Congress that has generated at least six bills that we regard as harmful to freedom of expression"

WHEREAS in September the decision was made to change the name of the Gustavo Mohme Llona conference room, the name of the founder of the newspaper La República, to "Heroic Defenders of Democracy", it was seen by some sectors as a reprisal

WHEREAS Congress President Luis Galarreta called on commercial companies to withdraw their advertisements and sponsorship of journalist Rafael León and the magazine Caretas, in reprisal for his column "La China Tudela" in which he criticized female members of Congress

WHEREAS the claim filed by Grupo La República submitted on March 12, 2014 concerning the acquisition of Grupo EPENSA by Grupo El Comercio has passed the established deadline

WHEREAS Principle 6 of the Declaration of Chapultepec establishes that "The media and journalists should neither be discriminated against nor favored because of what they write or say"


to urge members of Congress, specially those of the Fuerza Popular party, to leave without effect those bills that would limit the practice of journalism or impose content restrictions on the media

to urge the President of Congress to leave without effect the calls on private companies to boycott media with critical contents that are uncomfortable for them, also to reverse the change of name of the Congress conference room

to call upon the Judicial Branch to resolve the controversy between Grupo La República g, Grupo EPENSA and Grupo El Comercio as three years have passed and still no result has been obtained.